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Our Menu

Chicken Wings

Children's Menu

For ages 10 and under. Each entree comes with applesauce and a juice box.

Smoothies and Frozen Lemonades

All smoothies and lemonades listed are available in a 12-ounce child's size. 12 ounce Smoothies are $3.79 and 12 ounce Frozen Lemonades are $2.99


Sandwiches served with choice of chips or slaw.
Bread alternatives: Red pepper, split and pressed, portabella mushroom, wrapped, or served over lettuce.


Dressings: Wild Raspberry Blackberry Peppercorn Vinaigrette, Ranch, Blue Cheese, Creamy Italian,Thousand Island, French

Snacks and Bites


Artisan Pizzas

12-inch $14.99

Specialty Pizzas

personal naan bread: $10.99, 10-inch cauliflower (gluten free): $12.99, portabella mushroom $11.99, 12-inch: $14.99, 16-inch: $21.99

Build Your Own Pizza

Basic one item pizza includes your choice of crust, your choice of sauce, our house 5-cheese blend and one topping



Fast and Fabulous - $10.99 Menu

No additions or substitutions (you may delete).  There is an adventure option - create your own!